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Strata management software communication system
ResVu is a strata management software tool that delivers proactive communication, lot owner engagement and customer satisfaction whilst increasing your strata companies’ revenue and growth.
Strata management software communication system

Main Benefits

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Inbound Request Management

Centrally manage your customers inbound inquiries such as maintenance requests. So that you can focus on doing what you do best.

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Through inbuilt document creation tools, surveys, newsletters and more, you can now easily communicate with your lot owners and residents through SMS, Email and push notification technology.

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Self Service

By providing a self-service experience to your customers, you will gain improvements in client satisfaction and retention.
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 Time Use

Providing better self service avenues to your customers will in turn allow you to focus on maintaining committee relationships and client contracts.

Where we
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Easily integrate
with your business

ResVu’s white-label software allows you to implement your branding onto the platform, making the app your own. Once we’ve integrated the ResVu software to your brand, your customers will be able to install your app from either the Google Play or App Store.

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More time for you, more time for your customers​

With an increased efficiency you’ll have more time to grow your business or … more time to focus on maintaining committee relationships and client contracts.

Easy to use strata management software

ResVu is used and trusted by strata managers nationwide, with proven results. Give your customers and yourself a better software experience with the assurance that your voice will be heard by our dedicated development team.

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Our clients

Rob N. - Building Manager
“Thanks so much ResVu! We had an unruly party in our building recently which I (Building Manager) received multiple complaints from residents regarding. I sent an SMS + Push Notification alert and placed a message on the noticeboard and the issue was sorted within a few minutes. Saved me a lot of time and hassle and residents were very happy with the service!”
Mark S. - Strata Manager
“Probably the single biggest factor for me is reducing email and phone calls by allowing clients to self-select the service they require. For example, clients seeking additional keys, reporting maintenance, requesting an additional access fob or garage remote, booking lift for moving in or out, seeking information on connecting or disconnecting utilities can access this information through the application.”
Scott A. - Contractor
“We were called out to resolve an intermittent Intercom issue across several apartments. Through ResVu we were able to survey all residents and immediately gauge the location and consolidate the rectification process”
Paul R. - Chairperson
“Absolutely fantastic product! The ballot tool has considerably assisted our management committee make better decisions.”
Jane R - Lot Owner
"The new mobile app has been a very welcomed release by our strata management company. Having access to my levies and corporation documents, as well as receiving proactive communications and been able to submit maintenance and other strata related requests has definitely improved livability at our site"
Tim H - Strata Company Director
"ResVu's whitelabel mobile app has been a huge part of our differentiation in the market lately. Giving our customers self-service tools and then having a system that allows us to better manage those requests has definitely improved our operational efficiencies. Seeing ResVu's development roadmap, we're definitely excited for the future!"
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