How it works

Our platform benefits all stakeholders involved in your community. Read the details below to find out where our services can benefit your Business, Residents and Strata managers. 

Directors Dashboard

Your entire company’s central dashboard providing key data so you can understand exactly what is taking place around site. You can distribute marketing material, newsletters, notices, alerts, surveys, events, groups/clubs, local business deals and so much more across your entire or select areas of the community.

Proven ROI

Add our payment portal facilities to any of your business’s goods, services and documents to make them accessible and purchasable by your customers. Drive better customer service and revenue streams for your business as a result.

Competitive Advantage

Stand out when pitching for new business or securing new customers with your own custom branded solution. Show new customers why you are a market leader in engagement, proactive communication and customer service with your own custom branded platform and mobile app.


Company Analytics

All mobile app and administrator portal interactions are tracked to provide you with a significant amount of data to make better decisions. Whether it be your latest survey results, community garden group members, who is interacting with your system or maintenance faults, you have a huge volume of data to reference. 

Informed Decision Making​

All mobile app and administrator portal interactions are tracked to provide you with a significant amount of data to make better decisions. Whether it be your latest survey results, community garden group members, who is interacting with your system or maintenance faults, you have a huge volume of data to reference.


Improve Staff Efficiencies​

Reduce phone calls and emails as well as improve the overall output of your staff by providing them with the tools that allow for immediate and scheduled communication, committee management, feedback surveys, document storage and reporting tools for better decision making.


Customer Relationship Management

Engage with your customers through out the whole propsect journey, and provide a smooth transition once signed-up to your site’s community.


Instant Communication

Gone are the days of physical flyers and notices, with CommunitiLink you can send out email, SMS and push notifications to residents in a flash. With our platform you can spend less time running around, and more time engaging your residents.


Committee & Board Management Tools​

Remove your discussions, document sharing and voting away from your inbox to improve response times and decision making. ResVu provides a platform that allows for all of this to take place in a secure software environment that promotes better Committee/Board Engagement and more accurate decision making as a result.

Site Documents

Using the built in document creation tool, or uploading your own files, you can provide residents with all the relevant site documents such as owner warranties, policies & procedures, and more.

User Management

Segment users into specific groups, such as residents, committee members, or even by floor. All communication and document creation can then be segmented by these groups.

Proactive Engagement with Analytics

From large scale engagement comes valuable data about your site and portfolio, giving you the capacity to provide a greater service level and decision-making advice, all while reducing phone and email traffic. These real-time overviews provide statistics, including maintenance request activity, distributed documents customers have read, targeted marketing, and significantly improved procurement processes as a result.

Local Business

Local businesses can create deals which are automatically promoted to the ResVu platform once approved by each site’s Management Committee. The promotions can be found by residents on the community engagement app and digital noticeboards.


Maintenance Requests

Residents can easily lodge a request including images and comments at the click of a button for building management to action with reduced effort.


The most advance, reliable and engaging building alerts system for residents. Use SMS, email, push notification or digital noticeboards to keep your building informed.

Community Noticeboards

Reach all your residents and visitors with our digital noticeboard and hardware solutions. With the ability to be installed in foyers, lifts and concierge desks, you can ensure no residents is left uniformed.

Facility Bookings

Whether booking a site’s multiple and complex communal facilities or just moving in/out assistance is required, it is now all at the tip of the resident’s finger.

Site Inspection Reporting Tools

Best-in-class common property inspections for your building allows you to inspect assets and defects on your sites. Using our mobile app, site inspections have never been easier.


Work Orders & Quote Requests​

Instantly convert resident maintenance items to quote requests, assign contractors and manage through to completion. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work order issuing and compliance in your business.

Project Management

Accurately assign and manage staff tasks and rosters as well as audit completed jobs for quality assurance.

Committee Reporting

With all aspects of the FMLink system feeding back into the reporting system, you can asses independently or provide building decision-makers, such as the committee, with the most important information.

Contractor Compliance

Utilising technology such as geofencing, you can automatically log contractors and the progress of your work orders. Keep on top of things all without leaving your desk.


Tablet Convenience

Centrally manage all of your Facility Management operations through the FMLink’s pre-configured, ready-to-go tablet.

Community Partners

Connect your communities key members such as Local Clubs, Arts Galleries etc and give them a level of access to the events, clubs and social platforms that the standard local businesses don’t get.

Prefered Contractors

Provide your residents with access to your trusted contractors for their own required works.

Social Clubs

Bring your community together by facilitating clubs. Your residents can easily discover and manage social gatherings giving them a reason to connect with others.



Bring existing residents together to strengthen the community, or take advantage of the powerful CRM and entice potential buyers with an site open day.

Marketplace and Community Discussion

Allow your residents to connect exclusily with their community, and ensure the conversation stays on topic with advanced moderation.

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