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This page is exclusively for current or upcoming StrataMax clients who are interested in finding out more about how the StrataMax/ResVu partnership can benefit them. From the unique benefits the ResVu platform can bring to your portfolio, exclusive integrations for StrataMax customers as well as special StrataMax client pricing – you’ll find it all here. If not, the team at ResVu is on hand to help you. 

Custom Branding

ResVu provides an unprecedented opportunity to roll out a customised mobile app and management platform for your strata company. Delivering this to your managers and residents ensures you not only improve brand visibility but also grow new business and client retention.
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Easy integration

ResVu can easily sync strata and committee roll, account and levy information, strata corporation documents and much more to improve the service delivery to your lot owners and committee members.

Easy Payments

With a new-found access for lot owners to view levy history and make payments through StrataPay right in the palm of their hand.
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Request Workflows

ResVu significantly improves the response times and efficiency of strata management by providing self-service request workflows where the lot owners can request anything from maintenance, pets, renovations and more. Lot owners can see live updates on the status requests live from the app. 
StrataMax ResVu requests for pets and maintenance

Key Features

Inbound Request Management

Centrally manage all of your customers inbound requests including maintenance, pets, renovations etc. So that you can focus on doing what you do best.


Through inbuilt document creation tools, surveys, newsletters and more, you can now easily communicate with your lot owners and residents through SMS, Email and push notification technology.

Self Service

By providing a self-service experience to your customers, you will gain improvements in client satisfaction and retention.

 Time Use

Providing better self service avenues to your customers will in turn allow you to focus on maintaining committee relationships and client contracts.


Currently Integrated

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Owner/ Committee Data Sync
Seamlessly keep strata roll and committee in sync with daily updates from StrataMax.
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DocMax Sync

Display all or select DocMax categories to lot owners for easy access via your custom branded mobile app.

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Lot Owner Information
Give your lot owners visibility over their investment by showing scheme number, location, images and other data
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Give your lot owners access to their levy history, outstanding balances, upcoming payments and the ability to pay via StrataPay through the app

Coming soon

Repair and Maintenance
Single Sign On
Inbound Inquiry Management Improvements
Further Integrations

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