How ResVu uses data to help strata managers impress their clients

Your Strata Property podcast

Amanda Farmer from Your Strata Property is joined by Tom Welsby where they discuss how the clever collection and analysis of data can result in better decision-making and more vibrant communities.    You can listen to the podcast below:

Ensuring a Successful Site Roll-out (with real data)

Both of these examples are: Are in the same city Are similar in size Contain similar facilities Site One The first site in the table above is just beginning their roll-out process with 46% of all residents signing up to the platform. This site has started communicating with a few alerts and notices but not […]

Using Data to Build a Community

ResVu strata management software data

By utilising the data derived from proactive engagement and improved procurement processes, businesses will have the tools to make educated decisions and, in turn, recognise strong retention and growth.